Digital communication tool for inserting ADHD medicine.

Hipr is an IT system that, together with new work methods, addresses several problems for patients, doctors and nurses when inserting medication for the treatment of ADHD.

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A more gentle

With closer communication between patient and caregiver, medication can be adjusted more quickly.

Shorter titration period

With simple an clear basis for decisions, the correct dosage is achieved faster.

Increased attendance at school and at work

Distance communication reduces the need for travel, which increases attendance in school and at work.

Easy registration

Patients record measurements via a simple and efficient user interface in a free mobile app.

Clarity and visibility of specified metrics increase participation of other family members.

Reduces number of visits

The mobile communication enables remote registration, which reduces the number of physical visits to health clinics and the possibility to a more frequent reporting.

Fewer trips reduce stress in patients, provide better metrics and are good for the environment.

Helps doctors & nurses

Clearer basis for decision when contacting caregivers enables physicians and nurses to get a quicker idea of how the medicine works and can make the necessary adjustments.

Fewer physical visits relieve health clinics, which increases capacity and provides better care for patients with extra needs.

You are in good company

"With Hipr I do not have to be away from school so much"

– Linus

"With Hipr, we feel confident that someone is watching our daughter's measurements"

– Peter

"My work is not as stressful anymore and I can spend more time where it is needed"

– Margaretha, Nurse

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